Professional Services

Journals (Reviewer):

  1. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

  2. IEEE Communication Letters

  3. Springer Wireless Personal Communications

  4. Springer Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences

  5. International Journal of Information system

International Conferences:

  1. ICASSP’19

  2. VTC’19

  3. WCNC’19

  4. PIMRC’18

  5. INDICON’19

  6. MALSIP’15: Springer LNEE Conference

  7. ARiEET’15: Malaysia Technical Scientist Association, Bandung, Indonesia

  8. WCITCA: A World Congress on Information Technology, Hammamet, Tunisia

  9. TENSYMP: Industrial Internet Workshop (TPC Member), Gandhinagar

  10. ICCSEIT: International Conference on Computer supported Education and Information Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal

  11. NUiCONE: Nirma University International Conference on Engineering, Ahmedabad, Indi